SingularityU Summit Partners

SingularityU International Summits are two-day conferences held across the globe to help local leaders understand how exponential technologies can be used to create positive change and economic growth in their region. Summits become an annual point of connection and inspiration for the local community, a catalyst to accelerate a local culture of innovation, and an opportunity to highlight breakthrough technologies, startups, and ideas.

Summits are organized with curatorial oversight by SU and are strategically curated for each region and include a mix of SU expert speakers and local expert speakers. SU HQ provides digital tools, training, and resources.

Summits have been held in Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, and Mexico. In 2018, SU has scheduled summits in Australia, Czech Republic, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, and Portugal.


In registering to host a SingularityU International Summit, you are partnering with Singularity University and taking the first step on a unique journey to catalyze local innovation by developing your region’s SingularityU innovation ecosystem.

Please allow three weeks after submittal for SU to respond to your application while the SU International Summit team performs due diligence. We may contact you directly to review your application and ask some follow-up questions. If approved, Singularity University issues applicants a Summit Contract to host a local two-day SingularityU Summit. 

Note: SingularityU will be limiting the number of SingularityU International Summits approved in 2018.

SingularityU International Summit applicants need to:

  • Be Singularity University alumni
  • Embrace a philosophy of openness, transparency, and teamwork
  • Commit to a spirit of collaboration with the SingularityU local Chapters, GIC organizer, and all SingularityU alumni in your country

Additionally, applicants must show prior experience or demonstrated ability to implement the following deliverables:

  • Produce a two-day conference (large event production experience is highly recommended)
  • Raise the necessary funding
  • Secure a marketing  and PR partner
  • Curate the SingularityU Summit agenda and manage training of local speakers


1. Applicants selected to produce a SingularityU International Summit will receive a notification email. Please allow three weeks after submittal for SU to respond to your application.

2. Please review and sign the SingularityU Summit Contract and return it using this e-signature application. Please execute the SingularityU Summit Contract in the name of your business entity. Once SingularityU receives your signed SingularityU Summit Contract via the e-signature application, you will be recognized as a SingularityU Summit Director.

3. Once the contract has been countersigned by SU, your Summit production planning can begin! 

SingularityU (Country) Summit DIRECTOR VISION

As a SingularityU International Summit Partner in the Region, you are signing up for more than just producing and hosting a conference. As Partner In Region, you will assume the title of SingularityU (Country) Summit Director realizing Singularity University’s long-term vision of changing the world through exponential technologies. You will contribute to hosting events, growing the community, collaborating with local SingularityU Chapters, and identifying partners to support the development of a SingularityU innovation ecosystem. In addition to Summits, this plan may include:

  • SingularityU Global Impact Challenges (GICs)
  • SingularityU (City) Innovation Hubs comprising strategic integration of other Singularity University programs into the ecosystem, including a SingularityU Accelerator
  • Eventually adding a plan for fundraising to develop a local innovation fund

The above activities need to be executed in collaboration with the local SingularityU Community Ambassador, Chapter Leadership Team, and GIC Organizer.