Global Impact Challenge (GIC) Organizers

What are GICs?

Global Impact Challenges (GICs) are annual competitions held in partnership with sponsor organizations worldwide and organized by geography and theme. These Challenges are an open call to entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists, and engineers with the most innovative ideas for moonshot innovations and startups that can positively impact a billion people in 10 years. The winner of each Challenge receives a full sponsorship to attend one of Singularity University's transformational programs.

GIC Organizers work with SU to execute each Challenge. The role of the GIC organizer includes identifying and recruiting sponsors, launching the Challenge, mentoring GIC applicants, and involving other past program participants to help with GIC promotion and application evaluation.

SU HQ provides training, digital tools, and resources to execute the Challenges locally.

Why Host a GIC?

  • Catalyze innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world

  • Scale the number of people with abundance mindsets who will shape humanity’s future

  • Identify hyper-talented innovators who have the potential to solve your region’s—and perhaps the world's—biggest challenges

 "Hosting a GIC in South Africa was a great opportunity to unearth and uplift amazing talent in the country. We were able to send one incredible individual to the SU Global Solutions Program and kickstart the other finalists in their journey to impact a billion people’s lives." - Mic Mann, GIC Organizer South Africa

How to Apply to Organize a GIC

  1. Review GIC documents:

    1.  GIC Organizer FAQ

    2.  GIC License Agreement

    3.  SU Partner Master Terms

    4. GIC Rules & Guidelines

  2. When you're ready to apply, please complete the SingularityU Leadership GIC application form by clicking the Apply button below. 

  3. We'll review and process your application and advise you if there is any additional information we need from you during the review process

In the meantime, thank you for your interest in organizing a GIC. We look forward to reading your application! Visit our GIC main page for more details on past and current GICs. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to