SingularityU Chapter Leadership Teams

Chapters can enrich your city through community

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Are you motivated to help ensure your city is at the forefront of innovation to help tackle humanity’s grand challenges? Consider participating in a Chapter leadership team. 

Chapters further SU’s goals through the efforts of collaborative leadership teams. On average, leadership teams have 3 members, although some teams have up to 7 or 8 members. These teams work across the globe to facilitate:

  • Connection: Fostering an engaged local community
  • Events: Organizing events about exponential technologies and global grand challenges
  • Innovation: Sharing information about local innovations with the SU community
  • Impact: Focusing on impact in collaboration with Singularity University

Successful Chapters host regular events, localize their work (for example, by hosting events in a local language), and engage all leadership team members in the planning process.

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Fundamentals of Chapter Leadership

Leadership teams receive comprehensive support from SU to launch their Chapters, as well as ongoing assistance and coaching throughout the first several months of operations.

Onboarding and coaching

The first 90 days of a Chapter is an incubation period during which leaders begin to create a vibrant and effective community. Through our onboarding process and ongoing workshops, we empower every Chapter to best utilize all available tools and resources.

Exclusive leadership team event and network 

Singularity University convenes community leadership team members at exclusive in-person gatherings to facilitate networking among these leaders right away. At these events, and through our online network, Chapter leaders can connect to a powerful, unparalleled network of world-class local organizers leading SingularityU Chapters around the world. 



Network and brand

Chapter leadership teams also benefit from the SingularityU Chapter branding for their online presence and events. Moreover, Chapter leaders also gain access to SingularityU’s global community of corporate innovators, startups, governments, investors, and NGOs. 


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Training, tools, and resources

We use qualitative and quantitative inputs to determine the most needed resources for Chapters. We are continually building new tools and resources based on research and feedback from the community. Currently, we offer: 

  • Exclusive workshops for Chapters with SU staff, faculty, and mentors 
  • Digital tools to help leaders get new Chapters launched and running
  • Resources to connect online with a growing network of hundreds of community leaders

Chapter Application Process

Ready to start making a difference in your community? Please submit an online application during the quarterly application period. In our review process, we evaluate applications according to the following assessment criteria:

  • Ability of the leadership team to collaborate effectively
  • Alignment of the local Chapter’s goals with SU’s overall Chapter goals
  • Diversity of leadership team members who represent multiple perspectives and experiences
  • Tactical plan demonstrating the team’s community-building skill set
  • Actionable knowledge of Singularity University's brand
  • Market feasibility for the localized brand license in the proposed city

Although the license holder identified in the application must be a past participant of an eligible SU program, additional leadership team members do not need to have attended these programs. Eligible programs are:

The 2018 Chapter application will be open once per quarter, for 4-week application periods: January 24th - February 21st, April 25th - May 16th, July 11 - August 8th and October 10th - November 7th. 

Chapter application components

Process for all applicants:

  • Submission of online application containing written responses to questions about the proposed team, location, and rationale for beginning a Chapter
  • References submitted directly to SU by reference providers, using our application platform
  • Document uploads: your proposed plan and timeline for the first 90 days of operations

Process for semi-finalists:

  • Interviews with representatives from Singularity University
  • Soliciting feedback about your team from SU community and staff

The SingularityU Chapter brand license is given for a two-year period. Chapter leadership teams that want to continue their Chapter licenses should reapply for this license through the quarterly application process before their current brand license expires. The brand license is a legal agreement between Singularity University and the member of the leadership team who applies to hold the license on behalf of the entire team.

Individuals do not need to lead Chapters in order to be eligible for any business partnership roles. There are other ways to engage in a business partnership with SU (for example by organizing SingularityU International Summits).

There is no cost to acquire the Chapter brand license, nor is it expected to be a revenue-generating activity for the leadership team. However, Chapters are able to leverage it to fundraise from non-Global-500 companies, as well as solicit in-kind resources such as food and event spaces from their local network.

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