About the PARTNER Program

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

Singularity University is looking to exponentially grow the community of people from across the globe who are interested in applying exponential technologies to tackle global grand challenges and create an abundant future.

Together, we can create a global innovation ecosystem that transforms billion-person problems into bold solutions for the future. Join us.


singularity university partner programs

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chapter Teams

SingularityU Chapter leadership teams facilitate vibrant local innovation ecosystems, whose participants focus on positive impact. These Chapters regularly host events within their cities and foster connections among people in their local area.


gic Organizers

SingularityU Global Impact Challenges (GICs) are annual competitions held in partnership with sponsor organizations worldwide and organized by geography and theme. These Challenges are an open call to entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists, and engineers with the most innovative ideas for moonshot innovations and startups that can positively impact a billion people in 10 years.


summit organizers

SingularityU Summits are two-day conferences held across the globe to help local leaders understand how exponential technologies can be used to create positive change and economic growth in their region.


Country Partners

SingularityU Country Partners deliver Singularity University's educational and community programming using local faculty who are certified by Singularity University. Country Partners can also create Innovation Hubs.




Singularity University is a place that makes you discover your passions and empowers you to change the world.

— Mariana Vasconcelos, 2015 GIC Winner

PARTNERship Benefits

These are the key benefits of joining our partner program.



When you partner with Singularity University, you'll be connected to our global community of change agents who are committed to leveraging the power of exponential technologies for the greater good.

Partner Network

Our partners join a group of hundreds of individuals from around the world who have been specially selected to bring exponential thinking and action to their region. 


We'll provide training and resources to help you get started. We'll also share tools we created with our global partners and continually improve them based on feedback from our global network. 

Mutual benefit

As a Summit Organizer, Country Partner or GIC Organizer,  you will be our business partner in your region.  We'll enable you to generate revenue by delivering our products.



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